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Need a quote for an upcoming booking or event? No problem! Complete the online contact form below, and one of our friendly booking staff will be in touch as soon as your enquiry reaches the front of the queue! Why do we use an online enquiry form instead of an office phone number? Good question - it's all about speed and efficiency! Because we receive between 20 - 50 enquiries every day of the week, our online form allows us to answer and process our customer requests in the order they are received, and in the quickest and most efficient method possible.

Once your enquiry has been received, it will be distributed to a member of our booking team who will contact you at their earliest availability. From this point, you will have all the information you need to make a decision when the time comes, and, if you would prefer that we only contact you by e-mail or SMS, that’s fine too - just let us know in the enquiry message!

There is NO OBLIGATION to make a booking and we welcome all price enquiries. There is no harm in seeing what is available, just in case you decide to go ahead with one of our services, and if you don't end up making a booking because your plans change, that is 100% OK with us! Don't be shy, contact us today and see how Amber White Strippers can blow your party out of the water!

Office Contact Hours

Monday - Friday
10:00AM - 6:00PM

***Strippers and Waitresses are available for bookings at all hours - seven days a week. However, all bookings must be made in advance, during office hours.