Strippers Melbourne | Hire Bucks Party Strippers And Topless Waitresses in Melbourne!


So you're searching for a seductive little strip show from one of our hot Melbourne strippers? Or you're planning the ultimate bucks night, pulling out all the stops to try and hire the best showgirl that you can find? Well it doesn't matter which situation suits you better, when it comes to this, Amber White is where it all happens. We have striptease artists that will have you seeing stars, or if your searching for something a little tamer for a mixed crowd then we can suggest one of the G-String showgirls who will strip down to her underwear to keep it classy for the conservative gathering. Regardless of the occasion, our private exotic dancers will have you covered - even if they're not!

Our girls really know how to help you and the boys relax after a big week! On the other hand they also know how to crank it right up when you're kicking the night off. These incredibly professional showgirls are waiting to make you and your guests smile with some of the most exciting and mind blowing tricks that you would never have thought possible -- Our female performances have earned the well-deserved reputation for being the hottest bucks parties shows on offer!

Moving on from the ladies and onto the actual city itself, the city stands as arguably Australia's most popular party spot. Often it is compared to Sydney as its sheer size is unmatched by anywhere else, but Melbourne has its own unique sense of style and has often been referred to as trendiest metropolitan city in the country. It is mostly known for its cafes, restaurants, stylish events and shows, which make it an ideal location for a bucks party, birthday celebration or weekend away with the mates! A fact that few people actually take the time to discover is that some of the wildest bucks party strippers in the world live here. That's right, hot, sexy, adult entertainment spectacular - The Amber White girls are available for hire!

The city promises to keep you entertained and partying from dusk until dawn, and probably into the next day! While you are in the heart of the city, you simply must pay a visit to the lane way bars and city nightclubs that will keep the music going all night long. But before you leave your hotel, or if the nightclub scene isn't your thing, keep in mind that our female strippers are ready now to hang out for a bit of fun. They can't wait to show you what Melbourne is REALLY all about!

With so many activities and must see attractions, it is hard to know where to start when planning a bucks party in Melbourne. One thing is for sure, this place will capture your fantasies and call you back time and time. Contact Amber White today and let the memories live on forever!


Melbourne is one of our favourite cities. It's so easy to find a party, while also having some of the best bars, restaurants, and festivals Australia has to offer. You can find yourself on a party cruise, walking pub crawl, or if sightseeing is more your thing, you could take a tram to the famous attractions and events which happen around the city all year long. Restaurants, pubs, clubs and cool funky bars are always alive and humming. It's not hard to find a good time in this magical city, but should you find yourself struggling, just give us a yell and hire some of our enchanting Melbourne topless waitresses and barmaids. They will show you the town and get the night racing in a way you'd never thought possible!

If you choose to have your bucks party or "guys only" escape here, you will find some of the coolest places on offer to entertain your crowd, often hidden away down quiet little alleys and cool cryptic laneways. It doesn't matter if you're chasing the typical aussie pub, or if you're looking for class in one of the CBD's stylish bars. the city has venues for everyone, from wine bars, to dark grungy hangouts, festivals full of atmosphere, to super clubs with the world's best DJ's pushing out tunes until the sun comes up. This city is built on variety and when it comes to our girls it's no different - topless waitresses, bikini barmaids, lingerie girls and poker dealers - they're bubbly, fun, adventurous, and even dominating. Whatever tickles your fancy, our girls have got it!

Sophisticated, edgy, cool and absolutely perfect for any bucks weekend away, our topless waitresses in Melbourne are bound to launch your event into the history books as something you and the boys will never forget. Obviously if the girls get you too drunk that might not be the case, but it will be a ripping time nonetheless. Contact Amber White to find out how we can help and hire some topless waitresses today!


In terms of parties, a bucks weekend is certainly on the top of the list when it comes to fun and outrageous memories – have you been put in charge of planning it for your best mate? While it might sound like an easy thing to do, there are plenty of components you need to consider in order to make it one epic celebration. If your best mate has handed you the responsibility of creating his bucks party, all we can say is…you better not mess things up! Okay, while that might make things a little more daunting, you don’t have to worry. Amber White is here to help you through each step of the process when planning the night!

There are a few milestones you’ll want to navigate and with the help of Amber White, it makes things even easier – something you’ll be very happy for if you have limited planning experience. We have everything you need when planning, such as tips for getting the party started, how to organise the event, and we can even give you a few awesome Melbourne bucks party ideas for you and the mates to enjoy! Trust us, we want the groom to have as much fun as possible so we are ready to help you look like you've been doing this for years.

Once you’ve been designated the best man and planner, you might feel a bit lost – don’t worry, there are plenty of mates who have been in your shoes. A bucks night is one that is supposed to be filled with outrageous fun and epic memories – Amber White is here to help!

Planning a Bucks Party in Melbourne

There is no limit to the possibilities when you bring the boys to the amazing city of Melbourne! This city on the water features some of the best nightlife and entertainment in all of Australia – from restaurants and bars to live music, sporting events and wineries. Whether you want something high energy and memorable or your best mate is more of the type to go on outdoor adventures like fishing, music festivals or wine tasting, Melbourne is the place to go! Of course, you can’t forget to incorporate some hot strippers or topless waitresses during any of the activities – there is always room for an exotic performance, whether you’re on a party cruise or want to stay in one of the swanky hotels downtown.

Not sure what to do when you’re planning a bucks party? Amber White has plenty of great bucks party ideas in Melbourne to share with you, that way you can get creative or inspired when finishing the details. Melbourne is the perfect city for any bucks night – it’s classic, edgy and sophisticated all at once, giving you a range of ideas no matter what your best mate prefers. Below is a list of activities that are available in Melbourne to give you even more party planning inspiration!

Melbourne Bucks Party Basics

If you haven't had experience planning anything like this in the past, you’re in luck – Amber White is here to assist! Planning a bucks weekend from start to finish has the potential to get overwhelming real quick if you aren’t prepared. Here are some tips for organising a fun and successful day for your mate:

  • Plan activities accordingly. Even though you’re in charge of planning the weekend, you will need to take your best mate and the rest of the guest list into consideration when creating the itinerary. Think about the groom’s interests and then narrow down your party activities from there – Amber White can help offer ideas if you’re stuck!

  • Keep an eye on finances. Before you can get out and have a blast, you’ll need to set up all the final payments. Make sure the rest of the guest list pays you when you need to secure a date – if your final payments aren’t made, you run the risk of letting the scheduled activities get filled by someone else! If you’re hosting the bucks party during peak season, you cannot waste any time in collecting money from the rest of your mates.

Some people like to set everything up and then figure out the evenings entertainment later – don’t be one of these people! High quality strippers and topless waitresses are often booked weeks or months in advance, so don’t risk being stuck with an ugly duckling because you waited too long. Amber White is here to help ensure your party is an epic success.