Sammy Louise - Nude & Topless Bucks Party Waitress in Melbourne

Service Areas
Bikini Waitress, Cocktail Waitress, Group Hostess, Lingerie Waitress, Nude Waitress, Topless Poker Dealer, Topless Waitress

Want to know how to take your party to the next level? Hire Sammy Louise as a Melbourne Topless Waitress! It's really that easy - her sexy smile and jaw dropping body are going to be the centre of attention during your party! Your mates aren't going to know what hit them when she shows up at the door and ready to mingle.

During your Melbourne Bucks Party, hang out with friends and let Sammy Louise do what she does best, which is serving up plenty of entertainment and drinks as a topless waitress! Amber White is always here to make you the hero of the party - trust us, your friends will thank you!

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