Lara Lee - Melbourne Female Bucks Party Stripper

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Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula
Specialty Show

Oh, sweet hot baby, Lara Lee! For you I write my po-e-try! I love this girl, I really do. She's one of our Melbourne Stripper Super-Stars, one of the amazing Amber White stunners who looks like an impossible fantasy, but really she's just a super-sweet honey that knows how to drive everyone wild when it's time to crank the party up a notch!
Lara Lee is gorgeous all round. And she is a true performer who wants to be an all-time great. And how do you become an all-time great? By putting on a performance that no one will ever forget.


This Show has it all Ladies and Gents! Commencing with a Hot & Heavy Lap Dance for the Special Guest of Honor, Lara brings out the Slip & Slide for her new found friends to Join in and have a play...Using only the finest Silicone Lube, the party can slide right into the FIRE SHOW! A tantalizing display of skill as Lara Heats up the night and sets fire to her... parts... escaping the flames with a few Nude Back Flips, and then it's straight on down to Toy World. This is the place every grown man want's to spend his time. Watch them Light Up, Glow, Go In, Go Out, Go Round & About to places you didn't think were possible, and then WOW, IT GOES THERE TOO! This is one not to be missed. Get on board and send the buck out in style!

Please note that Lara Lee is Fully Booked every weekend so advanced bookings are a necessity. 

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