Charlie III - Gold Coast Promo Girl & Topless Barmaid

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Gold Coast
Bikini Waitress, Lingerie Waitress, Nude Waitress, Topless Waitress

Gold Coast Amber White knock-out Charlie III is straight-out-of-the-fashion-magazine level of beautiful. It's almost strange to think that you could hire someone to perform for a Bucks Party on the Gold Coast that is as stunning as Charlie III. I mean, seriously, normal people are not this gorgeous, and yet here she is, stripping out of her sexy little outfit, and you're sharing this unbelievably awesome moment with all your friends.

If you would love for this to start happening then book Charlie III for your next event. Mate, you're going to be a legend for this. Charlie III makes you feel glad just to be alive. You're so lucky to have a Gold Coast Topless Waitress like her!

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